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November 22, 2022
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February 6, 2023

How Do Modern Machines Increase Productivity in Agriculture?

Did you know that the first complicated agricultural machine used in agriculture was an iron plough? Agriculture is doubtlessly  an area that deeply affects all industry and the spread of mechanization in agriculture begins with the tractors. With today’s modern agricultural machinery, the need for the soil can be determined in great detail according to the product to be produced in agriculture.

All of these show us how long and important way we have come in terms of efficiency from the past to the present. Efficiency can be defined briefly as obtaining the greatest profit by the resources we have.  Thanks to modern agricultural machinery, we make profit from both time, labor and quality.

As TOSCANO brand, we are proud of introducing our farmers to modern agricultural machinery, producing the “Shredder” machine for the first time in Turkiye and being a pioneer in the sector.

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