Who/What is Toscano brand?
  • Toscano is family owned agricultural machinery manufacturer. We offer tillage, seeding, hoeing, shredding machinery over international quality standards.
  • Toscano executes its activities in 50.000m2 manufacturing area; in 2 different facilities with +500 precious Toscano employees.
How did Toscano brand established?
  • Toscano is established in 1995 by Rusen Dundar who is both farmer and mechanical engineer. He combined the advantage of coming from farmer family and being mechanical technician.
  • The company’s foundation aim was to make country farmers quit using traditional farming equipment and increasing efficiency with modern machinery.
How did Toscano become leading & guiding manufacturer in the Near-East region?

Since establishment, Toscano’s manufacturing passion & “together, to the future” vision has enabled us to be known as “the brand with most capabilities.”

By aid of these principles:

  • Toscano manufactured field shredder/mulcher first time in the country;

      We led farmers to meet much better option instead applying stubble burning process.

  •  Toscano manufactured folding machines (rotary tiller, power harrow, shredder, row-crop cultivator, inter-row rotary cultivator) first time in the county;

      We brought high efficiency for larger scale farmers.

  • Presented numerous innovations to agricultural machinery sector;

      We inspired other manufacturers for more efficient future.

Who is Toscano Family?

Toscano family is people that includes Toscano shareholders, stakeholders, customers or the ones who feels belonging to Toscano brand.

How can we visit Toscano facilities?

We will be appreciated to host you in our facility. You can visit us anytime by arranging appointment. Please contact us.

Can I buy machinery from Toscano factories as a farmer?

We offer our products by our distributors. If you do not have Toscano distributor in your region, we direct you to our closest distributor.

If there is no distributor around you, we can transport directly from our factory.

Where/How do you ship Toscano products?
  • We ship our products worldwide.
  • The logistics processes are determined according to our contract with the distributor.
How long does it take my order to be ready?

If the order is unavailable in our stocks, manufacturing process usually takes 15 to 30 days.

What are distributor benefits provided?

The conditions depend on the negotiation with distributors. But possible benefits are:

  • Obtaining exclusive pricing benefits.
  • Getting customer demands forwarding from us.
  • Publishing ads in your local region and internationally. (with distributor company name)