Toscano is a brand who believes the power of digital media; continuously contributes its’ partners and own brand on digital World. We continuously take advantage of digital associations, search engines, social platforms and websites.

“Today, 80% of World farmers are able to reach digital media platforms as YouTube, Facebook or search engines as Google.”

Digital Advertisements

Digital media support is the local & international advertisements Toscano provide for its partners for increasing their customer demand and sales.

    – The advertisements are professional video contents are created by Toscano media department.

    – Ads get published with Toscano product videos with your company logo, company address, contact details and digital media pages.

    – The advertisement sources may be differ depending on partners’ regions popular channels. (Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Local Magazines, Forums etc.)

    – Ads run during 9 months; 3 different video ads with different equipment can be created a year.

    – All advertisements customized for the partner. Ad content is created with the machines in partner’ stock, or the machines they wish to sell.

    – Advertisement scope directly related with partners’ service scope. If the partner has international service scope, the ad runs in all the countries in its service scope.

Ad Examples: