It is used for pulverizing pieces of post-harvest stems and branches on vineyards, orchards, gardens and small fields. Can be used as weed mower if needed.

  • Shreds and mixes the unwanted pieces of stems and branches with soil on olive gardens, vineyards and orchards.
  • With it’s sliding hydraulic system, it can be operated close to trees and shreds the wastes of knot and bushes.
  • Easily shreds the wet plant wastes and stems.
  • Can be used as plant and stem mower too.
  • With double side mounting option, it enables the operator to work forwards and backwards.
Mower Work Width Blade Quantity PTO  Revolution Weight Sweep Area
Type Cm Quantity RPM Kg Degree
800 80 3  3000 370 90
1000 100 3  3000 541 90