After Sales Trainings

Toscano provide trainings for sellers’ authorized personnel in its main manufacturing facility. Training aim is:

    – to train your personnel about Toscano products, spare parts and after sales services.

    – to create satisfied end customers while reaching optimum after sales service quality.

    – to boots your sales in your service range and encourage mutual growth.

After the trainings, your authorized person will have Toscano authorized technician certificate and he/she will have sufficient knowledge about

    – Spare parts

    – Spare part replacements

    – Basic assembly

    – Local paintings and other required details.

Trainings will take 5 working days and all the training, accommodation, transportation and basic personnel costs will be covered by Toscano.

Be sure, your authorized personnel will be hosted and treated as a Toscano family member during the training process.

Digital Advertisement Support

Toscano is a brand who believes the power of digital media; continuously contributes its’ partners and own brand on digital World. We continuously take advantage of digital associations, search engines, social platforms and websites.

“Today, 80% of World farmers are able to reach digital media platforms as YouTube, Facebook or search engines as Google.”

Digital Advertisements

Digital media support is the local & international advertisements that we provide for our dealers for increasing their customer demand and sales.

    – The advertisements are professional video contents is created by Toscano media department.

    – Ads get published with Toscano collaboration and products with your company logo, company address, contact details and digital media pages.

    – The advertisement sources may be differ depending on dealers’ regions popular channels. (Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Local Magazines, Forums etc.)

    – Ads run during 9 months; 3 different video ads with different equipment can be created a year.

    – All advertisements customized for the dealer. Ad content is created with the machines in dealers’ stock, or the machines they wish to sell.

    – Advertisement scope directly related with dealers’ service scope. If the dealer has international service scope, the ad runs in all the countries in its service scope.


Ad Examples:

Customer Forwarding

Customer forwarding is the active customer demands that we provide for collaborative dealers.

    – Toscano has contacts and subscriptions in local associations, international agricultural equipment websites and agricultural communities. We actively receive dozens of Toscano requests from different regions of the World. We direct these product demands to the responsible dealer for the region. We acquire these demands from the websites such as:, and agricultural associations.

    – Every week we forward these requests with potential buyer’s name, phone number, region and request details.