Toscano company has founded in 1995 by companies current chief executive Rusen Dundar. Under Toscano brand; we manufacture advanced agricultural machinery and provide broad service guarantee-network in 5 continents. All processes are executed inside of our manufacturing facility in Eskisehir/Turkey.

We strive to offer the most efficient solutions for World farmers for decades. Our production scale involves: Power Harrows, Rotary Tillers, Subsoilers, Disc Harrows, Combine Cultivators, Shredders, Mulchers, Inter-Row Rotary Cultivators, Precision Seeding Machines.

Currently, with our production scale; Toscano is the leading agricultural equipment brand in Near-East region according to manufacturing capabilities, know-how and provided service network. Toscano facility make use of high tech mechanization and manufacturing techniques for all processes.


Since establishment, we commit ourselves for:

-Offering the most efficient and reliable solutions for all regions;

-Always increasing the added-value with innovative approach;

-Supporting sustainable agricultural production while offering result oriented outcomes;

-Being the guide brand according to R&D and know-how in our production scale.


Broad Toscano Know-How and capabilities are the most significant factors for Toscano’s success story. Since establishment, Toscano company manufactured broad range of machinery first time in the country. Over a quarter century, Toscano dedicate its teams to obtain the most effective solutions with customer and solution-oriented attitude. After R&D teams’ trainings, theoretical analyses and technical drawings, each machinery continuously tested and practiced in Toscano fields. This approach enables us to offer the most effective machinery with maximum performance.

Today, Toscano brand reputation widely accepted by World farmers in 5 continents. Our teams strive to create more efficient and more sustainable future for us and our next generations.

In the facility, we use solar panels as our energy source and we support fair farming in our company fields over 300 hectares.

We are aiming to send machinery and provide service network in all agricultural regions in the World by 2030.

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Toscano products are manufactured in 2 different facilities in Eskişehir/Turkey, total manufacturing area is 45.000m2. In the facility, teams make use of latest tech precision machinery and advanced manufacturing techniques for processes. All of the processes are executed internally. Some of the examples are: CNC laser and plasma cutting, CNC drilling, CNC bending, CNC robotic welding, CNC press and electrostatic powder coating etc.  Since 1995, company and its production capacity keep growing continuously.

Our facility is designed in order to reduce energy consumption in any field. Sustainability and efficiency is in heart of our business. We use renewable materials and physical sources as much as possible for our processes. We use solar panels for our electrical energy source with total power of 2 megawatts.  Our company take advantage of lean manufacturing principles for all processes whether its manufacturing or office areas.

Also, Toscano company have agricultural lands size of approximately 300 hectares. In the fields, we train our R&D teams and encourage them to test-practice our developed products. We support fair farming in our fields and encourage precision farming methods. We use our equipment in our own lands continuously.

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Our corporate vision is basically “Creating more efficient future”. We strive to apply this principle in any area whether its manufacturing or management. In the beginning; Toscano brand’s foundation aim was to make our country farmers reach modern agricultural machinery and stop using traditional, poor efficiency equipment. Our teams developed and offered numerous successful projects for creating more efficient environment. Many projects have been manufactured first time in Turkey. All new projects created more efficient solutions for existing ones.

After reaching its first aim in the early years of 21st century, Toscano teams strategically planned and decided to serve for all World farmers who need more efficient equipment in their field. And teams set their new goal as “touching every agricultural land by 2030.” Currently, Toscano is exponentially growing and approaching its target day by day;

Thanks to visionary World farmers and our superior teams.


Before foundation of Toscano brand, our founder’s background is relied on farming business. Our founder’s family has dealt with traditional farming since 1950’s and it is the most significant leading cause for building high efficiency modern agricultural machinery brand. After, adopting farming culture and assessing all the farmers’ shortcomings in the field, our fonder officially established ‘Toscano Agricultural Machinery’ in 1995.

When the brand founded in smaller working place, it manufactured ‘Shredder’ first time in Near-East region. After successful project, teams dedicate itself to manufacture unattempt machinery projects in the region while aiming make farmers reach high efficiency equipment. In the following years, Toscano successfully manufactured folding modern machineries first time in the region again. With these projects ‘Toscano’ rapidly became widely known brand in its country and started exporting its products in early years of new century.

Since establishment, the brand facility expanded its capacity approximately 50 times more and keeps growing every single day. In very short time the brand became known as “the brand with the most advanced capabilities” by country farmers.

Today, Toscano family is proud of keep growing exponentially and offering products-service for more world farmers.


We are innovative, trustable and efficiency focused corporation that grows with its shareholders.


Creating more efficient, more sustainable and greener future with touching the soil in every agricultural field in the World.


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We believe diverse values and differences enrich us and we respect them.


We build all of our relations with truth and loyalty. We trust and we get trusted.


With our innovative and progressive approaches we exceed our limits and we do not avoid change.


We consider equality of rights and opportunities with universal approach.


The reason for advanced Toscano know-how is believing and feeling attachment for what we do. The soul of organization enables our all shareholders to strive for a better cause than just manufacturing for profit.

Our R&D teams are not just office workers who spend time for theoretical aspects of manufacturing. Besides being up to date innovators, they are field experts who cultivate crops and spend their time in agricultural lands to practice their developments.

Our teams believe that increasing efficiency in farming lands requires integrated long-term process. It involves various key points as: soil structure, weather conditions, irrigation facilities, cultivation methods and traditions and so on… To achieve higher efficiency in any land, first we have to understand the region’s key points.

That’s why our R&D teams work in our own agricultural lands, some cultivate their own crops. They use the machines they designed and manufactured. They practice all their theoretical knowledge with farmers.  The main purpose is feeling the spirit of farming and understanding our farmers needs in the most precise way.

After understanding these key points, our teams design and manufacture our products much more confidently and effectively. In this way, we become able to offer broad machinery variability and optional parts for reaching max yield in any region.

In manufacturing; Toscano teams have all the advanced tech mechanization they need to produce the most efficient solution, in the most precise way. Our organizational structure encourages teams to utilize all tangible and intangible resources in the most efficient way after they complete their theoretical trainings. Higher executives expect our younger teams to combine their innovative knowledge (that are learned from seminars, webinars, international fairs, conferences, educations) with experienced seniors’ own knowledge. It enables our teams to always keep up with innovations and learning from our past decisions. Training young brains with experienced seniors provide dynamic know-how in the long-run. 

Thanks to our teams’ broad know-how: with foundation of Toscano, Turkish farmers have met modern agricultural machinery. First, we accomplished “shredder” project, in the following years, we have manufactured various types of advanced agricultural machinery first time in the country borders again (folding type shredder, folding type power harrow, folding type rotary tiller, folding type inter-row rotary cultivator…). After these effective, successful projects, we expanded our production capacity rapidly and offered solutions for almost all World farmers. Owing to brand’s innovative approach and Know-How, Toscano became the guide agricultural machinery brand according to its production scale in Near-East region.


All of these approaches are the reason of what Toscano is now.

Thanks to our perfect teams and advanced know-how:

-We offer very wide variety of products;

-We produce long-lifetime products;

-We are the most efficient brand in our production scale;

-World farmers love our products and solutions;

We inspire more farmer’s and offer them better solutions every single day.

Our story has launched by our founder Ruşen Dündar, in 1995 in Eskisehir/Turkey, in small workshop area and with very limited resources.

At that time, our founder Ruşen Dündar was a recent graduate engineer on mechanical engineering profession. His family was dealing with farming in the village. When he was a teenager, his family encourage him to leave the village for getting educated in more qualified schools in city centre. So, Mr. Dündar left his village after secondary school, continued to his studies in city centre and helped his father during spring breaks until he has graduated from university.

In the days after his graduation, he was travelling from city to his village to visit his parents, he has realized a significant missing in Turkish agricultural equipment sector. At that time, after harvesting season, all the crop residues get burned by farmers to get rid of them. It was called stubble burning and it was very common process. When it comes to stubble burning season, numerous lives were getting terminated, air was getting polluted by smoke, soil organisms got perished and all the village community were being exposed to residue smoke. After realizing that huge problem, he made exhaustive researches on this topic and visited numerous fairs in technologically developed countries.


After his trips, he combined the advantage of being and a mechanical engineer and coming from a farmer family.

He decided to start “Shredder machine” project as he sees in advanced countries. Then, with his family’s financial support, he has established “Toscano Machinery” in a little workshop area. So, his dream manufacturing adventure is eventually started. He built a small but quality team for his aim. Accomplishing the project was not easy because the machine had to fit with Turkish land, weather, tractor conditions. After sweaty months, he successfully completed his dream project with his team! As expected, he received extremely positive feedbacks from farmers, politics and media platforms.  He and his team cause to save billions of lives and he became an inspirational leader in the industry for dozens of new entrepreneurs.  He has rewarded by many organizations and corporations. He has also rewarded from the old prime minister because of his environment-friendly contributions to the country. And it was only the beginning, Toscano company’s success story started after accomplishing shredder project.

After his successful project, he and his team members kept producing and researching. For his first 15 years, he usually worked 12-14 hours a day. He was the team leader of R&D department and he has given huge importance for innovations. In this way, the company has brought numerous more innovations to agricultural machinery manufacturing sector until today.

All of those sweaty years and innovations has brought leadership to the company in Turkish agricultural equipment sector. Since its establishment, company has been extended its capacity continuously. Today, as Toscano company, we producing innovation for world farmers with over 300 team members and Mr. Dundar is still the chairman of executive team.